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AMR Contractors providing an alternative for a high demand service. We know in an emergency there are not many choices to choose from and so we are here to help you with your Emergency Plumbing Services, you could have a burst pipe or a leaking boiler even a blocked toilet which you need someone to attend to immediately. Emergency Plumbing Services is what we provide this is why we are here when you need us in an emergency plumbing service.

  • Central Heating Repairs London
  • Boiler Repairs London

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Plumbing Company London

Plumbing Company London

We are one of the best plumbing company London based providing a quality service for an affordable price, service provided is catered for your needs as a customer our scheduled time bookings work around your time, plumbers under our umbrella are kind an courteous. AMR Contractors Plumbing Company London is dedicated to providing a good customer service which is vital. Our plumbing Company London aims to attend an Emergency plumbing Service Call within 1hr.

Plumber In Camden

Plumbing Company London

We here at AMR Contractors understand that Plumbers are hard to find at times especially when you most need them (Plumber). Trying to find a plumber within your local area is also another challenge; so we have set a geographical area covering Plumbing in Camden where you can call us for a Plumber in Camden at any time In London.

Plumbing Repair Service

Plumbing Repair Service

AMR Contractors Plumbing Repair Service repairs mains stop valves, leaking radiators. Our plumbing Repair service offers full guarantee on work carried out we are one of the best emergency plumbing Services in London arriving at your emergency within 1hr of your call, even if you're in Camden we will send you out a plumber in Camden.

Plumbing repair service for all types of plumbing emergencies

We specialize in many plumbing repair services including

  • We specialize in many plumbing repair services including
  • Unblocking Sinks and Baths

are also covered in our plumbing repair service. 24hr plumbing repair service at hand to attend your call contact us on 07903316445

Complete Residential and Commercial Plumbing & Drain Services in East London, South London, Camden

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