Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Safety conscious or think you can smell gas present at home which you believe can be a gas leak contact Transco on 0800 111 999 or a Gas Safe Engineer to Inspect whether it's a gas leak inside your home to repair the gas leak, you can find a Gas Safe Engineer in your area on the gas safe register site or contact us at AMR Contractors on 07903316445 if you're in the London area we are Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Prior to any Gas Safe Registered Engineers arriving at your home do not light any flame or operate light switches as this can be a source of ignition, ventilate area by opening windows and possibly doors to outside turn off gas supply from Emergency control Valve (ECV) at your gas meter

Gas Safety Engineer

Gas Safety Engineer

The role of a Gas Safety Engineer is to protect life and Property, the Gas Safety Engineer will check at your meter to ensure that there is no drop of pressure outside the Gas Safety Regulation and if so will check and rectify any leaks. So our aim is to provide you with one of our Gas Safe Registered Engineers who will come out to your home; the Gas Safety Engineer will then make sure the area is safe for you and your family. Gas Repairs/Installation Engineers throughout London

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